What Rhymes With Orange?

This brings us to my first project. Not the hat I started in class (which really did get finished) or the scarf from class (that didn't), but the first things I made on my own, no patterns, no nets. I should give you a bit of background. While I am new to the Land of the Fiber, I am no stranger to arts & crafts. I have been living in the Land of the Beads for fifteen years. For much of that time I have been designing intricate beadwoven jewelry, eventually opening up a shop selling my beadwork and jewelry making supplies. So I am not shy when it comes to design, in fact, I would much rather make things my way. I also generally like to "wing it", half the fun of the doing is figuring it out for myself. In that first week I had accumulated an overwhelming amount of books, yarn, needles, and even an iPhone app. I had all the ammunition I needed and was ready to go!

I was particularly inspired by this very thick and very orange yarn I had found at a local craft store. And I knew from my first class that I could do garter and stockinette stitches till the cows came home. I wanted to learn something new. So I decided on a hat with a ribbed brim and a scarf with a basic cable. I flew through these first pieces like a woman possessed! And in the end I took a look at what I had done and felt pride, then like any good addict, quickly discovered I already needed more.


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