Welcome To My Fiber Addiction!

Hello, my name is Thelma, and I am a fiber junkie. My problem got out of hand in August of 2009, when my friend, Louise suggested we take a knitting class a local community center and become famous knitters. Always up for anything, I told Louise I thought that would be a grand idea. The day after our inaugural class, we headed off on our first of many yarn runs. I came home with a $50.00 skein of yarn embellished with sequins and beads (obviously what every brand new knitter needs) and a bag of yarn to make my first sweater. Fast forward to half a year later, and all of that yarn still sits, waiting patiently (did I really think I would be knitting a sweater in my first week???). But fear not, gentle reader, because there has been much yarn in those 6 months that has been both well loved AND used.

This blog will tell you the story of that yarn, and all the yarn that is yet to be. Louise and I were the first, but our other girlfriends have started to fall. All it takes is a little taste.

So come along for the ride, if you dare.


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