The Hard Scarf

It was early September, and I was ready for a challenge. I had just purchased a wondrous book called Knitting Little Luxuries by Louisa Harding. It was filled with beautiful projects, each more lovely than the next (not to mention a pair of shoes to die for on the cover). I felt I was ready for the next level, but this was not a trip I could start on my own. I needed advice from my Yoda, and Mary Beth obligingly came to my shop that very same week. She started me off on the magical journey of what Louise dubbed "The Hard Scarf". The piece has a pattern repeat of 27 rows, in which are contained 10 cables, and two continuous rows of yarn over holes. This pattern is repeated 20 times. The first time I did those 27 rows, it too me 4 hours. By the time I finished the scarf, I could do them in two, and almost from memory. I can probably do them in my sleep. This will be one of those pieces I take with me to the grave.