The Tornado and the DomKNITrix

Apparently, the Goddess of Fiber had me in her sight from the start. A few days before our first knitting class, Louise and I kidnapped our friend Wanda (who am I kidding, she was a very willing victim) and visited a nearby arts festival. It was a perfectly lovely Sunday with the girls, except it wasn't, because it was dark and dreary, and as we traveled up and up the mountain to the scenic town where the festival was held we entered an ominous pea soup fog. We wandered around the tents, having the place to ourselves, since the weather forecast had brought the sane people out the day before. I purchased a fabulous felted wool bag (of course) and we wandered into a nearby used bookstore, musing at how lucky we were that the worst of the storms had held off. That was the cue Mother Nature was waiting for, because not ten minutes later the sky and the shop went black, with a loud BOOM. This was quickly followed by tornado sirens, warning everyone to take cover. Being in the lower level already, we were as safe as we could be. And maybe it was just the musty smell of the used books having a sedative effect, but since there was really nothing to be done, we began browsing the books again in the dim emergency lighting. Eventually we all ended up in the craft section, a cozy nook with some chairs near a large window (in retrospect, the window was probably not a wise idea). I was casually scanning the titles, when I came across Jennifer Stafford's domiKNITrix, in all it's glory. As if the title alone wasn't enough for me to have to have it (it was) when I started flipping through the pages I was hooked by the treasure trove of information and her unique voice. "I discipline my yarn. I force it into the form I want it to take. I am persistent, firm and commanding. I am the DominKNITrix." I wanted more than anything to earn the title of dominKNITrix. The book was mine. As it knew it would be before I even walked into the shop.


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